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Join our private group chat on Telegram app.

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By joining our Telegram group you automatically become a member of the association.

Telegram is a fantastic cloud-based mobile and desktop messaging app with a focus on security and speed. You can join groups or chat with family and friends free. Telegram has been downloaded over 100 Million times on Android and is fast becoming the "go to" messaging app. We are proud to introduce Telegram to our fellow Hackney drivers and would urge you to download the app and join our fast growing group. With over 170 Newcastle Hackney drivers joining the group in the first 36 hours!

We will show drivers and proprietors how to download and join our Telegram group with step by step images. It's extremely straightforward. If you want to chat with fellow Newcastle Hackney drivers in a moderated, friendly room with 5 administrators, strict rules regarding bad language and positive ideas moving forward within our trade, please follow the instructions below. 

Telegram is available for Android, iPhone/iPad, Windows, MacOS, Web-version and PC. Follow this link to download the Telegram application for the device you have decided to use. Click here to join our group.


Android application demonstration 

It should be almost the same for all devices but this example is for the Android Operating System. Once Telegram is downloaded from the Play Store you will see this screen.


Mobile Friendly

Please add your Country code and telephone number. If this is done correctly you will then receive a code by text message.


Code verification

Input the code number into the phone.


Your Telegram name

We have recommended drivers to use your first name only or your "nickname" that other drivers will know you as. You could also add your plate number at the end of your name.


Allow Telegram to access some files

Press "Allow" for Telegram to access your phone's media files.


Telegram contacts

If some contacts on your contact list use Telegram they will be informed that you have also joined. Press "Allow".


Oh no, no chats yet!

Don't worry. You'll be joining the group chat very soon.

Follow the next step carefully.


Telegram group link referral

To join the Newcastle Hackney Carriage Drivers Association page click on this link via the device you've decided to download Telegram on:


You've done it!

Tap the "Join Group" button and join our expanding group. Please upload a picture of your plate as soon as possible to verify you are a Newcastle Hackney Driver. No Private hire drivers are permitted in the group. We can block accounts immediately.

Our Telegram group is a dedicated area whereby NHCDA members can chat privately to other Newcastle Hackney Carriage drivers & proprietors for the purpose of sharing information about trade matters. No advertisements, plate sales, car sales, video Gif's allowed. Abusing other drivers in the group or swearing is not allowed or tolerated. Be friendly and enjoy. By joining our Telegram group you are automatically a NHCDA member. We are stronger together.

If you feel you have been blocked by a group administrator by error please contact John Hirst via our contact page to unblock your account. Thank you